The Search Begins

Ruth was the driving force behind the whole endeavor

She, being an artist, had a vision of the house and drew up the plans. Several plans including an octagonal house, a multi storied house and the one which was actually achievable given our budget and skills, a modest rectangular house.
We didn’t want to build in the city with its high property costs, taxes and the normal building process of contractors and permits.

On the lake

Ruth had found waterfront property only 20 minutes from the city. Was there a catch? It depends on your views about property ownership.
The lots were being leased to non-natives by a local First Nations group for about a $1000 per year.

Leased land or owned land

Most people feel that they have to own the land if they are going to build a house on it. Some people are leery of land leases because they have heard stories of massive price hikes and leases not being renewed. These things have happened and you can find related news stories on the internet.
But, you can also find stories of people owning land but not the oil and mineral rights underneath their property.
There are also news stories of the government telling people that their land is being appropriated. They are told how much the government is going to pay and when they have to get out. I actually met a lady who built a home to retire to with her husband and within a year or two the government said they were putting a road through and the house would have to go. Here is a cheque, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Along the lake from our lot
Along the lake from our lot

Go for it

We looked at a couple of lots and went over the lease and decided we were going for it.
Truthfully we did end up having a court case and long negotiation when our Lessor proposed a hike in the lease amount, but that will be another post.

Next time… Deforestation

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    • Thank you.I hope people will be inspired and not put off by the work involved but I guess if they are reading this type of blog they are up to the task 🙂

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